Jonathan Casey


For years, I have had friends, family, and co-workers come to me with all of their tech questions and assistance. I felt like the Tech Oprah. In 2013, I finally made the decision to take my role as tech enthusiast to the next level. I created a YouTube channel. Tech was my first love. As a 13 year old Florida boy, instead of chasing after girls, I was hitting them up on AOL haha! Seriously, as a kid I played video games and tinkered with electronics with 90% of my free time. 

In the process of doing standard tech videos, I fell in love with cinematics and filmography. Capturing that perfect shot, with all of the meticulous details, is a tough work. Watching the finished product at the end however, makes you forget all about the cussing and ranting you did during the shoot. Fast forward to present time and now I am your above average gear head. My tech channel and blog have become my creative outlet with a perfect marriage of tech and film. I value quality but most importantly to remain Simply Unique.