How To Turn Your Audio Technica M50X’s Into Wireless Headphones

The Audio Technica M50X’s are some of the best headphones around for the price. They provide studio quality sound while not breaking the bank. One of the drawbacks to these headphones for some people, is the fact that they do not have a wireless option. That’s where the East Brooklyn Labs bluetooth adapter comes in. Retailing for $49.95 this adapter connects to the audio jack on the M50X’s and gives them the ability to be used wirelessly. 

   "The adapter features a sleek design that feels pretty solid"

"The adapter features a sleek design that feels pretty solid"

The adapter features a sleek design that feels pretty solid. Once attached it blends in really well with the black M50X design. Its made of a matte plastic and features a few controls. The Botton side features a micro USB port for charging and a power switch. On the front side you have volume up and down buttons which double as skip and repeat. In between the volume buttons you have a play and pause button.

To connect your device to the receive it’s simple. Once the adapter is plugged into your headphones and turned on, hold down the play/pause button to put it into pairing mode. In your devices bluetooth settings you will actually see the M50X headphones listed. Personally, I find that pretty cool and convenient. 

One problem with bluetooth heads is that most of the time their is a decrease in audio quality. East Brooklyn Labs thought of this and integrated a built in amplifier into the adapter which boost the audio signal and improves sound quality. Honestly, it sounds really good especially when considering this is an adapter. The range I found to be good as well. Without any obstructions you can definitely be a good distance away from your paired device. However, when you add in walls or other structures it does impact the signal strength which is to be expected. Battery life has also exceeded my expectations in which I am able to go several days without charging with light to moderate use. 

"This $50.00 adapter

      is totally worth it".

If you’re an owner of the Audio Technica M50X’s this $50 adapter is totally worth it. There’s nothing wrong with a wired connection don’t get me wrong but being able to utilize the wireless capability is awesome for trips. If you’re interested in picking up the East Brooklyn Labs M50X adapter checkout the link below.