FilmCity Power Shoulder Rig

The FilmCity Power Shoulder Rig for DSLR’s is available on Amazon and that link can be found HERE. The FilmCity Power Shoulder Rig retails for $275 making it a truly affordable rig for beginning independent filmmakers. The rig comes with an amazing amount of accessories ranging from a modular cage that can be adjusted from 6-9 inches. This cage has 2 15mm rods that secure to the top for handle placement. This is used for getting low shows or just transporting the setup with ease. The cage is made of polyamide material. From a tactile sense it feels like an extremely smooth yet strengthened PVC and so far has held up nicely.

The rig also includes a baseplate with a Manfrotto style quick plate. One thing to note is that other Manfrotto plates may not fit so make sure to try them before you buy them if at all possible. You also get 2 sets of longer 15mm rods one of which includes threaded mail ends, and 1 additional shorter set of 15mm rods. You also get a shoulder pad, 2.8lb rubber offset weight for obtaining balance when mounted, a follow focus with crank handle, a mattebox, and 2 handles. Most of the unit secures using large twistable knobs making it relatively easy to break everything down during travels. There are a few things that require the use of the included hex key. These include tightening down the rods on the baseplate and adjusting the height of the mattebox.

The follow focus is very nice and features a removable crank, a marking disk, and has hard stops to ensure you get the perfect focus pull every-time. The drive gear and safety cap can be swapped to better fit your setup.

The focus system can be adjusted horizontally using a small knob on the bottom for properfit. I do wish it had vertical adjustments so that way thiswould work with my C300 and RED. But, being that this is a DSLR Rig I totally understand.

The matte box features adjustable barn doors as well as 2 removable trays for ND placement. These can be accessed pretty easy and although the fit is a bit tight even at the loosest setting, the securing mechanism and adjustability is still great. The blackout elastic cloth will fit most APSC lenses and smaller full frame lenses depending on your maker. For instance, my Sigma Art 35mm fit fine where as my 50mm art did not. This is something that FilmCity is actually modifying. Therefore, when you receive your rig the matte-box you receive my actually be tweaked and perform a bit better than mine. The handles on the front have a nice texturized rubber and allow you to keep hold of the setup when operating. They use a twist to lock mechanism on the 15mm rods. So rather than adjusting a knob all you need to do is twist to loosen and twist in the opposite direction to tighten.

As a whole the rig is solid and for the price point it is practically untouchable for what your getting.  It stabilizes well when on your shoulder and depending on the weight of your camera and lens your using,  the rig can be incredibly light weight. This translates to a comfortable experience when in use. Whether you are a beginning or advanced filmmaker and you are on a serious budget, this setup can definitely add a spice to your cinematography. If you guys are in the market, make sure to hit up the Amazon link. Go ahead and checkout the video on this setup also for a closer look at what it offers.